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Agency cancels oil/gas lease agreement in long-standing dispute

In a previous post, we wrote about a lease dispute between Louisiana oil company Solenex LLC and the Department of the Interior, which sought cancellation of a lease for land in Badger-Two Medicine area in Montana on the grounds that the lease was not properly issued. The lease is decades old, as we noted, but the company has been unable to benefit from it.

Looking at Louisiana’s insurance bad faith statute

Insurance, in all its various forms, is an important resource to protect from major loss, and businesses in the insurance industry have the responsibility of ensuring they treat their insured fairly when it comes to settling claims. Louisiana has codified fairly straightforward duties insurance companies owe to their insured and claimants.

Work with experienced attorney when negotiating terms of oil/gas lease agreement

In our last post, we took a look at the broad outlines of the oil and gas leasing process here in the state of Louisiana. As we noted last time, the Mineral and Energy Board is responsible for reviewing and scrutinizing the lease, and having an advocate in the negotiation process is very important.