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April 2016 Archives

Classic partnership dispute leads to business litigation filing

In the world of online startups, it is not uncommon to see a newly emerging company going through ownership upheavals. These disputes often go far enough to become lawsuits in the courts, including sometimes here in Louisiana. Where the plaintiff presents substantial evidence supporting its claim, the business litigation case most often settles prior to trial. This is generally due to the prevailing desire to avoid risking a massive jury verdict or court judgment in what could well be a losing case.  

Regulator makes recommendations for offshore drilling industry

Workplace injury is a risk in many professions, some more so than others. The oil and gas industry is, not surprisingly, among those with the highest rate of accidents. Some of this is due, of course, to the inherent risks of the work itself. Some of it, though, is because of failure to provide adequate training and supervision of workers and to work closely with regulators to prevent accidents.