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June 2016 Archives

Oil & gas law litigation is not helpful, industry spokesman says

Louisiana is a state that depends on the oil and gas production industry for a substantial number of private sector jobs and revenue. The ongoing litigation battles between environmental groups and the industry are therefore particularly critical to the public interest. One of the claims by objectors is that the oil & gas law of the state is being manipulated by the industry to misuse state permits and to cut corners that have resulted in coastal erosion, among other things.

Business litigation: BP will pay investors for false reports

Investors may use class action litigation to pursue collective claims against a company for falsely representing facts that would impact the value of its stock. This may involve publicly minimizing the damage that the company suffered in a losing business transaction or crisis. In the case of the BP oil spill of 2010, investors filed class action business litigation alleging that BP lied about the seriousness of the spill. In the face of the false information, investors in Louisiana and elsewhere saw the stock prices plummet dramatically.