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July 2016 Archives

Oil & Gas Law attorneys negotiate promising settlement with EPA

Oil refineries play a critical role in fueling the mass transport vehicles that distribute resources throughout the country. There is generally an ongoing tension, however, between the vital role that the industry plays in the economic well-being of the country, and the terrible toll that it can take with respect to air quality and the personal health of the general citizenry. Thus, we find in Louisiana and other oil-producing states that Oil & Gas law considerations, along with environmental impact, are constant dynamics interplaying with the industry's ability to function effectively and efficiently.  

Arbitration clause can wipe out the right to business litigation

The focus of news about litigation has been on the aggressive inclusion of arbitration provisions in many large contracts in recent years. Under the law in Louisiana law and all jurisdictions, arbitration clauses are generally enforceable. Therefore, where expensive and time-hungry business litigation could be by-passed by arbitration, many business entities have incorporated such clauses into their commercial contracts.