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August 2016 Archives

Mediation is a dynamic option during a business litigation case

Litigation between businesses in Louisiana can be a grueling experience that wears down company executives and their budgets. Sometimes, however, business litigation between entities is unavoidable and a necessity that must be pursued to get a definitive resolution. In certain appropriate situations, the business attorney may recommend that the business client consider mediation as a way to find a more "relaxed" and nonconfrontational way out of the morass.

Companies get preliminary dismissal of oil & gas law case

One regular area of oil and gas industry litigation deals with asserted violations of the Coastal Zone Management Act. The Act is an important provision of Louisiana oil & gas law that requires companies to repair damage caused by dredging and other operations and to remove improper waste residues from wetlands. Generally, under normal procedure when a company gets a permit, the conditions for wetlands preservation will be specified.

Business litigation looms as a byproduct of new Pokemon craze

A new smartphone game uses virtual reality by taking players out into the real world to look for virtual objects to input with the onscreen competition. The game of "Pokemon Go" is tremendously popular right now, including in Louisiana, but it may also be a significant source of business litigation as it tries to function in the business world. Some businesses have embraced the game and are running various promotions to take advantage of its popularity.