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Oil & gas law suits center on coastal restoration in Louisiana

The oil and gas industry in Louisiana is seemingly always embroiled in litigation involving environmental issues that are being perpetually asserted and disputed. The situation in recent decades has intensified due to the aggressive participation of state and federal governmental interests. The oil & gas law battle garnering the most attention recently is the flap between the state's governor and its attorney general.

Oil & gas law litigation gearing up for a showdown in Louisiana

There is currently a litigation war brewing between state authorities in Louisiana and the oil and gas industry. The battle lines are drawn over the new governor's apparent contention that oil and gas contractors are responsible for the land subsistence problems in the southern part of the state. Industry supporters are criticizing the governor, saying that he has been favoring his trial lawyer cronies with lucrative contingent fee contracts designed to make them wealthy at the expense of the industry. Oil & gas law litigation appears certain, but a resolution in at least some of the cases may yet be possible.