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Franchise agreement disputes are common in business litigation

Franchise litigation between franchisor and franchisee is common in Louisiana and elsewhere. There is often an inherent tension that develops between the local business and the franchisor, which may lead to business litigation. The tension may be partly because the franchisor is removed from the local business, but it often tries to exert powerful influence over that business due to its rights under the franchise agreement.

Prevention of business litigation is good business for companies

Business litigation can include the vast category of employee litigation that comes up in Louisiana and other jurisdictions under present laws and precedent. A single lawsuit against the company by an employee can in itself involve many months of tedious preparation, the investment of valuable resources and an emotional toll that may linger for a much longer time. In comparison, one can appreciate the far greater toll to the company that may result from a class action representing dozens or hundreds of employees. That kind of business litigation assault can drain a small or medium business in many ways.