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November 2016 Archives

Business litigation could turn into bloody battle

In 2010, Walgreens entered into an agreement with Theranos, which is a blood testing laboratory, to provide testing services to its customers. The agreement was amended in 2012 to provide for Theranos Wellness Centers to operate inside Walgreens. However, there appeared to be a problem with the accuracy of the blood tests Theranos was conducting. As recently as June 2016, when Walgreens severed its business relationship with Theranos, the laboratory allegedly admitted to Walgreens that over 10 percent of the test reports had to be voided. As many Louisiana companies might do under similar circumstances, the pharmacy retail giant recently filed business litigation due to this issue, at least in part.

Oil & gas law litigation involves $1 billion dispute

Companies in Louisiana and other states that engage in oil and gas exploration may collaborate on joint ventures or other types of business relationships for mutual profit. One situation like that turned into extended litigation regarding an oil & gas law dispute that began over 10 years ago. The out-of-state case is finally coming to a head as the state court judge recently ordered the sides to start picking a jury.