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Oil & gas law covers a myriad of transactional issues

Louisiana has many industries that provide income and business opportunities. One of them is the oil and gas industry. Transactions involving oil & gas law are unique and require the appropriate body of knowledge in order to ensure that they are done properly. 

An attorney who handles commercial real estate transactions is not enough. Oil and gas transactions often involve much more than just the real estate you are interested in either purchasing or selling. Numerous agreements often need to be negotiated in addition to a contract for the sale and purchase of the land. Operating agreements, canal and road use agreements and oil and gas leases are a large part of the process.

Contracts regarding oil and gas exploration and production will also need to be considered. Then there are mineral and royalty ownership issues. Division order and drill site title opinions and other due diligence will also need to be done in order to complete a transaction.

With so many moving parts, having a Louisiana oil & gas law attorney advising and guiding you through the process is essential. Any upfront costs associated with a transaction are an investment in increasing the chances of success in the future. If any disputes arise, it will be the documentation that will govern how they proceed. It would be advantageous to be sure that everything is in order from the beginning. Missing a step or not taking the time to negotiate a deal that will be as beneficial as possible for you could end up costing you in the long run.

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