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Business litigation sometimes conflates with political motives

The local parish governments in Louisiana are often embroiled in business disputes with a variety of private businesses, including developers, contractors, vendors, consultants and even, at times, political consultants. Business litigation attorneys are often retained to represent business interests in such disputes. Sometimes, however, the litigation may devolve into political issues and local partisan bickering. That may be the case in a federal lawsuit filed against the Jefferson Parish Council.

Government agencies support oil & gas law development

In what may be something of an interesting twist in governmental policy, one state joined petroleum groups and county governments in an environmental case being fought out against an environmental protection organization. The lawsuit is the attempt of the environmental organization, WildEarth, to challenge the validity of 397 oil/gas leases involving 379,950 acres of federal lands. The defendant, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), is a signatory with oil & gas law interests on the leases. The dispute is similar to the types of litigation conflicts that also occur in Louisiana.