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Business and commercial law activities trend international

There is plenty of ongoing news about building a wall to separate the United States from its neighbors to the south. That would not set well with many Louisiana companies that have business and commercial law ventures across the border. In fact, just last week a successful business development mission witnessed over 200 face-to-face meetings between this state's businesses and neighboring companies to the south.

The group known as Louisiana Economic Development has spearheaded those meetings. The meetings were held far from the boarder and were conducted in orderly fashion. The Louisiana Oil & Gas Association along with other local organizations participated in the mission.

Indeed, the groups were discussing continuing opportunities for Mexican and Louisiana companies to interact this year. Mexico in recent years opened its oil and gas business to international investment. This has spawned numerous business and commercial opportunities, particularly in the oil-rich southeastern region of that country along the coast.

Louisiana participants said that the other businesses were "gracious hosts." Those businesses need special expertise to develop their oil resources, and companies from this part of the United States are especially well-suited to the job, per participants. Spokespersons for the mission stressed the global nature of the energy industry and the need of companies to work internationally.

Since 2014, participants stressed that Louisiana has been a driving force in working to stimulate energy opportunities across the border. Company executives of local companies explained that business and commercial law affiliations are most effective when borders are open to the sharing of skills and resources. When asked about the impact of the international conflicts playing out between national leaders, one executive said that the bickering could not stop the established local relationships that are thriving.

Source:, "Mexico mission: A Louisiana win?", Ken Stickney, Jan. 31, 2017

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