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Oil & gas law dominates federal litigation on methane emissions

Legal disputes between state and federal governments, and between private businesses and government bodies, can be triggered or exacerbated when the executive branch changes hands. That dynamic has brought oil & gas law to the forefront of the business litigation stage since the recent switch in occupancy from one party to the other in the White House. Under the prior administration, tough emission regulations regarding the discharge of methane were passed. Louisiana and other oil and gas producing states challenged the strict emissions rules in litigation that was still active and pending when the new administration took office.

Business Litigation is spawned by loosening of federal rules

When oil and gas disputes turn into court cases, such matters may be categorized under the broad generic subject called business litigation. Such disputes are on the rise nationwide and in Louisiana. That may be due at least partially to the loosening of regulations by the federal administration and the response by environmental groups to counter with increased business litigation.