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September 2017 Archives

Industry spokespersons question oil and gas law litigation

Representatives of the gas and oil industry in Louisiana are actively complaining that the state has become a haven for litigation due to its image of welcoming such lawsuits against oil and gas companies. The critics of the state's litigation system say that oil and gas law cases have clogged the state's courts and flattened the growth of the industry locally. They pin the blame on the governor, who they say is actively promoting and even soliciting such litigation.

Business litigation financing is a growing investment industry

A surprisingly vibrant industry in Louisiana and nationwide involves the activity of investing in commercial litigation lawsuits. Although it has been generally considered unethical for outside investors to have an ongoing financial stake in the profits and losses of law firms, that principle has given way to an exception that allows for the outside funding of highly costly business litigation suits. Because the suits are expected to obtain substantial monetary recoveries, it arguably makes sense to allow for outside interests to invest through companies that specialize in such transactions.

Avoid business and commercial law problems in the startup phase

Louisiana is known for its posh culinary culture, which makes it a prime food business location. Many entrepreneurial opportunities do not need brick and mortar housing since online businesses can be launched from anyplace with internet connectivity. Launching a business (whether small, large, digital or in person) is definitely no small matter, and there are several things to keep in mind to increase the chances of success and to avoid business and commercial law problems.