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February 2018 Archives

Compliance with business law regulations a necessity for startups

Small business formation in Louisiana and elsewhere involves compliance with a body of federal and state regulations in almost any industry. Some experts complain that regulatory compliance is a crushing force on a young business and that many of them go under for that reason. Various supportive organizations recommend that a new business follow certain business law compliance guidelines to maximize the business' survival rate in its industry.

Theft of trade secrets is a common issue in business litigation

Intellectual property disputes are a regular aspect of business litigation cases in the Louisiana state and federal courts. These kinds of cases can be complex and of great importance to the litigants. Business litigation attorneys are adept at guiding their clients through such litigation by using their broad experience to extract the best outcome for the client.

Business and commercial law rules may help fund new startup

A Louisiana entrepreneur who wishes to start up a business must obtain financing to do it right. One option that exists where a bank loan is refused is to tap into one's 401(k). This is not necessarily recommended in many situations, and it carries the risk of losing a good chunk of the retirement fund if the business is not successful. In business and commercial law circles, however, there are some mitigating factors or strategies that may make it feasible in some cases to use the 401(k) as a springboard to starting a new business.