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Business litigation often boils down to a contractual dispute

Lawsuits between performers and concert promoters are common occurrences in litigation nationwide and in Louisiana. Sometimes such disputes get an extra element of publicity due to the level of fame of the entertainer involved. When all the hoopla is stripped away, however, these are just contract disputes much like any other. Business litigation is primarily populated by breach of contract cases in which contract interpretation and factual disputes often play a key role.

That may be applicable to a recent dispute between rapper Travis Scott and three promoters. The dispute involves travel arrangements that were supposed to be contractually provided prior to a Super Bowl concert. The promoters sued Scott first, alleging that he failed to show up for a concert scheduled at a nightclub in another state one day before the Feb. 4 Super Bowl. The promoters alleged that they paid a $150,000 advance for the appearance.

The rapper's representatives say that Scott missed the appearance in Minneapolis after the promoters failed to confirm flight arrangements. They were supposed to arrange for flights from Los Angeles to Minnesota and then to Las Vegas for a 1:30 a.m. show later that same night. Scott's lawyers stated that the promoters did not have the financial ability to satisfy the contract.

Scott therefore filed a counterclaim against the promoters, alleging that they failed to provide the promised transportation. The rapper is counterclaiming for the balance of the $200,000 fee for the show he did not make and for other breach of contract damages. A case like this, whether in Louisiana or another state, will be decided through the principles of basic contract law. Where the business litigation is not settled before trial, it will be up to the fact finder to decide which party's interpretation of events is more accurate.

Source:, "Travis Scott Fires Back With Counterclaim Over Super Bowl Lawsuit", Dave Brooks, April 18, 2018

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