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Business and commercial law can assist the ecommerce operation

Small businesses are the backbone of a healthy economy in Louisiana and elsewhere. It is important that a growing business be protected from unnecessary conflicts that may arise in business and commercial law. For the retail business that has an active ecommerce component, one of the most feared mishaps is having a credit card chargeback from a customer purchase.

An experienced ecommerce business law attorney can provide invaluable assistance to the retail business by suggesting various structures and systems designed to process a chargeback in the strongest way possible. The chargeback can also be minimized by good advance business planning with an eye to the business law principles to follow. When an unfair or disputed chargeback is presented against the business, the company must be prepared to act. Experts suggest that it is important to develop a strategy due to the potential grave damage that could be done by a pattern of chargebacks against the business.

Business reputation, credit scores and business sales could all suffer. The company should have a policy about returns, refunds, cancellations and no chargebacks explained as policy up front. The business model must have a set policy ingrained into the fabric of the company's procedures. For ecommerce companies, the website must contain terms and conditions to set forth such matters. The customer will have to approve the terms and conditions prior to entering the website and prior to making a purchase.

The strong policy of no chargebacks can in this way be ideally stressed in advance, thereby assuring that there is no confusion. Other procedures must be put in place and automatically executed for dispute resolution. When dealing with a good-faith customer, the lines of communication must be open and organized with customer satisfaction in mind. Where fraud is suspected, a different approach with reference to federal and Louisiana law will obviously need to be prepared and established. If the company has business and commercial law plans adopted, but no set executory procedure to respond accordingly for each incident, there will be chaos instead of the kind of effective control over the problem that is desired.  

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