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Early oil and gas law decision favors energy companies

Municipalities in Louisiana and other states have resorted to public nuisance litigation against oil and gas companies as a way to address the worldwide climate change problem. Such claims have been filed in numerous courts throughout the country. In one of the first decisions, oil and gas law attorneys appear to have pulled off a victory.  A federal court judge ruled that the companies were not solely at fault and that they were responding to market demand for energy to fuel our progress when they sold the product over the years.

Oil and gas law litigation attacks change in company's values

A once respected oil company can undergo changes that result in its own investors bringing a suit for damages to their ownership interests. Such litigation may occur in Louisiana or other states, and it may be based on the ever-changing circumstances that may affect the managerial policies of a particular company. Major shareholders of an established company, Anadarko Oil,  recently filed oil and gas law litigation against the company.

Oil and gas law analysts have muted optimism for industry growth

The year ended with oil prices in Louisiana being around the $60 per barrel mark, which was a high point for prices within the past several years. However, the growth is not sustained enough to clearly say that significant drilling for oil will start up in the state this year. A glut of cheaper shale-derived products could flood into the market causing another reduction in prices.

Industry spokespersons question oil and gas law litigation

Representatives of the gas and oil industry in Louisiana are actively complaining that the state has become a haven for litigation due to its image of welcoming such lawsuits against oil and gas companies. The critics of the state's litigation system say that oil and gas law cases have clogged the state's courts and flattened the growth of the industry locally. They pin the blame on the governor, who they say is actively promoting and even soliciting such litigation.

Litigation against patent trolls intersects with oil & gas law

Louisiana has had its share of litigation in the federal courts involving so-called patent trolls. Such companies collect patents and sue other companies for violating the patents that they hold. This has been a lucrative business but one that has been criticized by many industries and by the courts. A recent case has reached the U.S. Supreme Court that intersects the patent troll issue with oil & gas law.

Oil & gas law dominates federal litigation on methane emissions

Legal disputes between state and federal governments, and between private businesses and government bodies, can be triggered or exacerbated when the executive branch changes hands. That dynamic has brought oil & gas law to the forefront of the business litigation stage since the recent switch in occupancy from one party to the other in the White House. Under the prior administration, tough emission regulations regarding the discharge of methane were passed. Louisiana and other oil and gas producing states challenged the strict emissions rules in litigation that was still active and pending when the new administration took office.

Important case weighs in on coastal oil and gas law issues

Many Louisiana readers are aware that the state's first coastal lawsuit was filed in 2013 and has made its way through the appellate process. That oil and gas lawsuit was dismissed at the lower level. In a recent ruling, the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit upheld the lower court's decision.

Government agencies support oil & gas law development

In what may be something of an interesting twist in governmental policy, one state joined petroleum groups and county governments in an environmental case being fought out against an environmental protection organization. The lawsuit is the attempt of the environmental organization, WildEarth, to challenge the validity of 397 oil/gas leases involving 379,950 acres of federal lands. The defendant, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), is a signatory with oil & gas law interests on the leases. The dispute is similar to the types of litigation conflicts that also occur in Louisiana. 

Oil & gas law covers a myriad of transactional issues

Louisiana has many industries that provide income and business opportunities. One of them is the oil and gas industry. Transactions involving oil & gas law are unique and require the appropriate body of knowledge in order to ensure that they are done properly. 

Oil & gas law litigation involves $1 billion dispute

Companies in Louisiana and other states that engage in oil and gas exploration may collaborate on joint ventures or other types of business relationships for mutual profit. One situation like that turned into extended litigation regarding an oil & gas law dispute that began over 10 years ago. The out-of-state case is finally coming to a head as the state court judge recently ordered the sides to start picking a jury.