Insurance Defense

Attorneys Advocating For Insurers in Defense Claims

At Mayhall Fondren Blaize, we work with business/corporate insurance clients throughout Louisiana in all matters relating to insurance defense. We advocate for insurance companies and corporations in claims involving personal injury, premises liability and more. Clients choose to work with the insurance defense attorneys at Mayhall Fondren Blaize because of our reputation, proven negotiation skills and abilities in the courtroom.

Seasoned Trial Lawyers

We are known primarily as trial attorneys. Much of the work we undertake involves litigation and we are well-respected in courtrooms across Louisiana. We understand the importance of preparing a thorough argument and investigating the details of a claim to fully protect our clients’ rights.

Our goal is to minimize conflict and work to reach a favorable outcome as efficiently as possible. We take a proactive and assertive approach in negotiating on behalf of our clients. If matters cannot be resolved through negotiations, we are ready to litigate.

Attorneys for this Area

To schedule a meeting or connect with one of the lawyers at our firm, please contact us at 225-810-4998 or complete a short contact form. We have offices in Baton Rouge and Houma and serve clients statewide.