Litigation, Land Use Disputes and Corporate Leasing

Representation For Land Use Disputes, Corporate Leasing and Commercial Real Estate Litigation

Mayhall Fondren Blaize is led by a team of litigators who offer clients throughout Louisiana a wealth of experience and a proven track record in the courtroom. Our attorneys are focused on achieving results that our clients are satisfied with, regardless of the complexity of the situation.

Our Clients

We work with individuals, developers, business owners and other clients in litigating real estate issues and resolving issues concerning land use and disputes and conflicts with commercial and mineral leases.

Commercial Real Estate Litigation

We used to focus much of our practice in the area of mineral law, but over the past several years we have shifted our focus to include corporate risk management, commercial real estate issues and insurance defense. 


Our lawyers offer representation in all other types of commercial real estate litigation, including:

  • Disputes over leasing
  • Breach of contract
  • Commercial closing disputes
  • Tax and Sheriff sale matters
  • Drainage and land use disputes
  • Curing title defects
  • Property partitions
  • Succession sales

Having experience working with clients throughout Louisiana, we are familiar with common land use issues that arise. We can assist with issues relating to mineral law/oil and gas litigation and more. To speak with the lawyers at our firm, call 225-810-4998 or complete a short contact form. We have offices in Baton Rouge and Houma and serve clients statewide.